Shareaholic is a leader in amplifying content discovery and visitor engagement online.

Shareaholic crafts beautiful, thoughtful visitor experiences that help brands and publishers engage their audiences with every website visit.

Founded in 2009, Shareaholic's suite of products have quickly grown from a "nights and weekends" project to the preferred discovery, amplification and engagement platform for more than 300,000 websites. Our products reach over 350 million people across every continent each month. Or put another way, if Shareaholic's audience was a country, it’d be the 3rd largest country in the world.

Powered by our proprietary window into user interests, Shareaholic enables marketers, publishers and site owners to personalize how relevant content is discovered, consumed, engaged with, and shared. Specific to marketers, Shareaholic increases native ad performance and virality by harnessing the power of the web’s highly engaged enthusiasts, influencers and evangelists. For publishers and site owners, Shareaholic offers products that help them effectively engage and grow their audiences, monetize traffic, and gain insights from how their content is being shared and consumed across the web.

Our products have won numerous prestigious global awards (including from MIT and the Mozilla Foundation). We're striving to build a product and a company that people love. Our mission is to serve you — we wake up every day wanting to see you win.

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