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YARPP amplifies Discovery and Engagement by introducing your visitors to relevant and trending content (or products) on your site that they otherwise would have missed — boosting visitor engagement, time on site and SEO metrics.

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YARPP created the "Related Posts" category for WordPress more than a decade ago and has consistently been ranked the most popular and the highest rated Related Posts Plugin for WordPress since. Consistently improved, battle tested and experienced, YARPP is the proven professional choice.

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  • The relevance is good: the suggested posts are related, and you can tweak thresholds and how things are computed if you want.

    Matt Cutts Google's Former head of Web Spam (
  • [..] I have a lot of archives, and it actually surprises me sometimes when I blog about something and I visit the permalink to see I've written about it before... and it also increases the traffic on your blog because when they come in just to one entry, they'll see this other stuff going on.

    Matt Mullenweg WordPress creator, on Tekzilla
  • A great way to boost engagement, time on site, and additional SEO metrics. With the plugin activated and customized with your specifications, sit back and watch your sessions and pageviews grow!

  • High Performance

    Well-engineered and optimized code that doesn't slow your website. YARPP's advanced inbuilt caching system makes queries super efficient and fast.

  • 100% Customizable

    Choose from beautiful ready-made templates to match your site's design or customize your own templates and styles.

  • Advanced Algorithm

    Using a customizable algorithm that considers post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, YARPP finds the best related content from across your site.

  • Works with all languages

    Including those with full-width (double-byte) characters and those that don't use spaces between words.

  • Helpful Support

    Regular updates, quick fixes. Installing YARPP gives you access to our knowledgable team ready to help you every step of the way.

  • Developer Friendly

    Support for bbPress, WooCommerce, Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomy, WordPress Multisite, thumbnails, Shortcode, REST API, Blocks, YARPP functions, filters...

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